It’s Hatchery time!: SEAS & GREETINGS collection

SEAS & GREETINGS is a fun non-traditional Christmas collection created for those of us who have never had a white Christmas! In a beautiful and rich color palette, this fun design mixes tropical elements with Christmas patterns, such as Santa in swimming shorts, a Christmas-decorated palm tree, a funny sandman, a seagull in a Santa hat, Santa relaxing on a beach chair, flip flops with jingle bells and poinsettias, among many other fabulous goodies. So whether you live in the Southern hemisphere like me, are celebrating Christmas on the beach, or you simply dream of being somewhere warmer, this fun collection is the perfect choice for documenting your warm Holiday Season.

This collection is part of the Hatchery at The Digichick:  through December 13th , get all packs at just $1 each and the element pack at $2 – or you can save 67% and get the bundled collection at just $8, exclusively at The Digichick!

Check the gorgeous inspiration from the Creative Team:

And that’s all for today!

Love & Hugs!



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