New this week: FAIRYTALE PRINCE, and freebies! 3

FAIRYTALE PRINCE is a new magical collection inspired by the valiant fairytale heroes.  In beautiful masculine colors and a Medieval feel, this Royal collection includes valiant Princes, crowns and swords, castles and dragons, suits of armors and medieval weapons, the legendary Sword in the Stone, a Prince frog … among […]

New this week: Boys Rule!

Hello everyone! Time for a new release! BOYS RULE is a fun collection created for those adorable rascals that melt our hearts, no girls allowed! In bright boyish colors and overflowing with custom drawn elements, this collection covers everything from bikes to robots, building blocks and skateboards, tree houses and game […]

New collection: Toy Mania {plus a cluster to share} 2

Pop in and win! Inspired by one of the most popular theme park attractions, TOY MANIA is a colorful and whimsical collection that includes most of the popular targets and props found in the ride, such as spring-action shooters, balloons, plates, ducks, green army men, plastic monkeys, dominoes and dice, letter […]

New release! {Destinations: Above The Clouds}

Get your passport ready and grab your tickets! Above The Clouds is the second installment in my Destinations collection, designed to document your airplane adventures. The gorgeous colors and huge assortment of themed elements and papers will help you scrap that part of your vacation that is spent in the […]

Sports Galore: new collection and freebies!

Get your game on! Sports Galore is the ultimate kit for scrapping your sports-themed layouts, whether you’re an athlete or a fan cheering from the sidelines! This all round collection covers the following sports: football, soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, field hockey, tennis, table tennis, rugby, lacrosse, cricket, […]

Prehistoric World: new release and a freebie! 2

Take a step back in time with this fun prehistoric collection! Roaring with lots of dinosaur elements and a fabulous color palette, this set is perfect to scrap your visits to the museum, your favorite dinosaur rides, your meals at the dino-themed restaurant, a themed birthday party, or even your […]

New release: Pins & Balls + a freebie!

Anyone up for bowling? Pins & Balls is the ultimate bowling-themed kit to scrap all your bowling photos, from family fun outings to the local lanes and birthday parties, to league events and everything in between. With its fun elements and vintage feel, this kit will get the ball rolling […]

New release: Super Heroes plus freebies!

It’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s my latest release, Super Heroes!! 🙂  I’m very excited to bring you today this new collection, I had so much fun designing it!   Super Heroes is a retro comic-book style kit that has come to your rescue in your scrapping […]

New releases! Wild Frontier & We Are Family 1

Hello everyone!    I hope you guys are enjoying the DSD weekend as much as I am!    I’ve been pretty busy designing this month and I have created two amazing collections for you:    Wild Frontier and We Are Family.   Wild Frontier:   Inspired by the old west attractions at […]

New release: Scourge of the Seven Seas + Freebies!

Yo ho, ye scallywags! Here’s a swashbuckling collection for those pirate lads and lasses of yers! The Scourge of the Seven Seas collection is filled to the brim with awesome pirate booty: from treasure chests and rum barrels to pirate ships and hats, including pirate flags, a treasure island, a […]

New release: Potty Masters plus Freebies!

Potty training is a major milestone in your toddler’s life, right up there with learning how to walk and talk! Many parents dream about the day when their children will go to college or start their own family … I remember dreaming about the day when my kids would ditch their […]