Ocean World: bundled kit and a freebie!

Ocean World is now combined into a full kit, with cardstocks and an adorable manatee added, and available at all my stores at 30% off! Dive into a fascinating underwater world of sea critters and ocean treasures with Ocean World! In a beautiful palette of blues, coral and yellow, and overflowing with […]

New release: Furry Pals: Kitty Collection

I have to admit: I am the biggest cat lover! I’m fascinated with them! Cats are so independent and mysterious, yet so cuddly and loving … who can resist a purring furry ball sleeping on your lap?  My new kit Furry Pals: Kitty Collection is dedicated to them, and features […]

New release: Furry Pals: Puppy Collection

Dogs are our best friends and part of the family:  they are loving and loyal, amazing companions, and they never fail to show appreciation and approval.  My new Furry Pals: Puppy Collection is dedicated to them.  This kit features a beautiful color palette in shades of blue, green, red, tan […]